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“Mizz Absurd, Hollywood upright bass player extraordinaire, and vivacious vocalist. Absurd improvises scat singing and heart-probing spoken word. Equal parts Venus and hustler, Absurd will sing a psalm or dirge in the midst of romantic rubble.”
~Lee Mallory, Las Vegas Poet, Author, Producer and Talent Promoter

“Mizz Absurd brought a different vibe to the stage while not feeling well, even though you couldn’t tell. She was a storyteller who seemed like she wanted to go on more of a journey with her audience. In between songs she would spit what sounded like improv poetry which was one of my favorite moments in the show. She carried a mini bass which is an instrument I had never seen. It looked like a mini acoustic guitar. However, it had the depth and tone of an ordinary bass. Her voice was beautiful and inviting. The highlight of her set was when she sang “Why Don’t You Do Right” written by Kansas Joe McCoy. While onstage in the middle of a song she would start making what sounded like scat noises. This was the only time I felt a disconnect with her performance.”
~Michael M. Humel, Culture of the Senses, Lisa Mac Releases Picnic to Rumor
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“Mizz Absurd is a soul, scat, slap, solo bass player from Las Vegas, Nevada and last year I had the pleasure of performing a show with her in Los Angeles. Her show and performance are quite extraordinary, and her solo bass playing is truly unique. I had the pleasure of catching up Mizz Absurd recently to ask her about where she gets her influences from, why she moved from LA to Las Vegas and her future plans to perform in Australia….”
~Sean Kemp, Upside News, South Australia
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“Bassist and spoken word performer Mizz Absurd (real name: Jill Avilez), an L.A. transplant, came to Las Vegas for love.
“I came here because I fell in love with Las Vegas,” she said. “I love the 24-hour aspect of the town. I can perform, and then I can go out afterwards and see someone else perform.”
She met Mallory three days after her arrival in town…”
~Andrew Taylor, Las Vegas Review Journal
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“Avilez believes in the concept of making poetry more accessible.
“I’m from LA and that’s what I would do in between sets,” she says. “I would perform spoken word. Most of my songs have a poetic introduction…”
~Michael Lyle, Las Vegas Review Journal
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“I went to the punk rock epicenter of Las Vegas the Double Down Saloon not to see a loud band but to see the one and only Mizz Absurd who killed the audience with her one of a kind act involving an upright bass, terrific singing voice and beautiful smile and charisma.”
~Dark Mark, Comedian and Viva Goth Vegas
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“…Jill Avilez is a talent I had witnessed first hand when she dazzled me with one of her bands, The Love Absurd (she plays in five) last year when they played at my show in June…And finally Jill Avilez took the stage to shake the very foundations of Lot 1 with a sultry, sexy and sly solo performance that made the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up. Armed with her tall upright double bass, which she strokes and strummed and plucked and slapped, she lets her heroic voice steer the songs. Ironic humor laces her lyrics which are already wry takes on life, love and other things and which are complimented by the swaggering personality of the singer. She can purr and coo or let loose with a piecing bellow that keeps you on the edge of your seat (if one were sitting). It was a swinging and seductive set that the audience just ate up…. It was a hair raising ending to the night. I’m looking forward to booking her four other bands this year.”
~Brad Roberts. Published FYHT: Wed. Jan 8, 2014. LIVE at Lot 1 Cafe, Echo Park, CA performance. ~

“Mizz Absurd / Jill Avilez is the type of performer who can start her show with no introductions and get a loud audience silent in four bars. Faces in awe, jaws to the floor, eyes glazed over, and no one blinks. There are not too many artists out there with that capability of captivation. Her musical style connects with fans of many different genres. She can connect with various markets, and brings a great draw. I enjoy booking Mizz Absurd on my bills and am so happy when she’s available to play for my friends and I because she’s got soul and speaks to my heart. She’s a pleasure to work with and she’s so freakin’ nice it’s ridiculous. I love that girl!”
– Rebecca Balin, local concert promoter in Los Angeles works with 50-150 cap venues.

“Opener Mizz Absurd played a stand-up bass wearing a tiny top hat atop her teal-covered hair. Her performance contained theatrical plucking and scatting, as well as memorized dialogue that she acted out between songs. It was all a bit, well absurd, but we suppose that makes sense considering her name. Considering that she has real vocal chops, one could imagine Mizz Absurd as a fresh-faced Stefani Germanotta before she transformed into full-blown Gaga.”
– Artemis Thomas-Hansard, LA Weekly, West Coast Sound
Planets Insane Live Show, PLaNETS, The Diamond Light, ModPods, Mizz Absurd (at) Silverlake Lounge June 24, 2014.
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“Hollywood musician Mizz Absurd plays with poetic philosophies, diverse bass beats and gut feelings. Read our chat with LA’s absurd girl exlcusively on
-Lorna Alkana, We Choose Art Interview #WhyDoYouChooseArt
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